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Forex - At the Heart of the Financial Markets

What is Forex?

The massive international currency markets were traditionally dominated by big institutional investors like national banks and major funds. 10CFDs is opening the forex markets to small independent investors. The revolutionary 10CFDs trading platform connects you to the world’s most volatile and heavily traded currencies, putting the markets at your fingertips.

Buy If you expect an asset price to rise open a BUY position.
Sell If you expect an asset price to fall open a SELL position.


Currency trading is like any other form of transaction. The goal is to buy a currency at a low rate and sell it at a high rate.

For example:

Imagine that you are going on holiday. You budget $500 for cash expenses and buy the $500 with euros. You suddenly have to cancel your holiday and exchange the $500 back to euros – and find that you’ve made a profit of $150!

How did you do it?

When you first bought the $500, the EUR/USD exchange rate was 0.9 EUR. A week later the EUR/USD rate was 1.2 EUR. This 0.3 gap in exchange rates earned you $150. Put simply: you bought dollars at a low rate and sold them back at profit.

Understanding Exchange Rates

Currencies are inherently volatile and change in value on a minute by minute basis. When you understand the basics of fundamental analysis, and gain an insight into the diverse factors that drive the forex market, you will be ready to start investing.
The value of any country’s currency reflects market opinions about the strength of the country’s economy. The markets are quick to react to news and currency prices rise and fall on the back of economic events, government decisions and official figures. Any global event or disaster, employment figures and other statistics increase the volatility of the forex market.

Enjoy Low Commission Trading on the World’s Forex Market

10CFDs has transformed how investors trade forex. Our platform connects you directly to the markets with no hidden fees or service charges. All investing is entirely transparent and you have full control of your trading account management.

CFD Forex Trading – The Fast and Convenient Way to Invest

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are designed for fast and convenient trading. Their simplicity and transparency have made them popular with investors who want to open multiple leveraged positions on currencies. CFDs allow full risk management and are a limited liability investment. Click here to learn more about trading forex as CFDs.

Below are 10CFDs most popular forex assets:

  • Eur/Usd

For a full list of our available assets visit our Asset Index.

Use up to x200 Leverage to Open CFD Trades on Forex

10CFDs traders can use one-click trading to access up to x200 leverage on forex trades. Leverage allows you to boost the value of your investment and potentially increase your returns in proportion to the leverage used.
Visit the 10CFDs Education Center to learn more about leverage.

Why Trade Forex at 10CFDs?

10CFDs traders are backed up by a full suite of risk management tools. Our one-click trading tools include Stop Loss, Take Profit and Order Entry. You can set your parameters for each trade, then allow them to run, without the need to closely monitor the platform.

Can I Trade Forex?

Millions of people worldwide are trading forex. If you are willing to master the basic principles of risk management and fundamental analysis, you can also become a forex trader. The 10CFDs online Education Center contains a wealth of learning tools and education resources, specifically designed for potential forex traders.

Many of 10CFDs veteran investors began their careers as novice forex traders with no previous experience of the financial markets. The 10CFDs platform gives you the freedom to invest on your own terms, with a level of commitment that suits your budget and goals.

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