Stocks Trading

Stocks allow traders to potentially profit from the performance of public companies

What are Stocks?

Public companies have sold shares in their businesses for hundreds of years. These shares or stocks are traded on stock exchanges across the world. The trade in stocks generates huge revenues, both for corporations and investors.

Stocks rise and fall in value according to the perceived performance and worth of the issuing company. Investors will often seek to exploit drops in stock values, buying shares cheaply in the expectation that they will subsequently rise in value. Many investors recommend retaining a core of more stable stocks (usually of multi-national corporations) as part of a diversified portfolio.

Buy If you expect an asset price to rise open a BUY position.
Sell If you expect an asset price to fall open a SELL position.

The Fundamentals of Stocks Trading

Stocks trading operates on the basic principle of buying cheaply and selling at a profit.

For example:

You buy 100 stocks in Microsoft at $120.62 per share (a total of $12,062). After 2 weeks you resell the stocks and earn profits of $1,983.

How did you do it?

After you bought your Microsoft stocks, the company launched a new version of Windows, and then published a strong Q3 earnings report. More investors started buying Microsoft stocks.

Demand for the stocks continued to grow, increasing its market price. You watched the progress of the stock and decided to sell when the price reached $140.
You sold the stocks for $14,000 – earning an immediate profit of $1,983.

Trading Stocks at 10CFDs

The 10CFDs trading platform gives you instant real time access to the world’s biggest stock exchanges. Trading is commission free and there are no hidden charges or extra fees. We offer highly competitive fixed spreads and work hard to minimise trading costs. As a 10CFDs trader you have 24/5 access to the world’s best known stocks.

Create a Diversified Personal Portfolio with Stocks

Successful traders recommend building a diversified personal portfolio, and stocks are usually a key component of any balanced portfolio. The inclusion of assets of different types and risk levels is one of the key principles of risk management.

Below are some of the most traded stocks at 10CFDs:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Apple
  • Coca Cola
    Coca Cola

For a full list of our available assets visit our Asset Index.

Trade Stocks with up to x200 Leverage

10CFDs traders can use one-click trading to access up to x200 leverage on stock trades. Leverage allows you to boost the value of your investment and potentially increase your returns in proportion to the leverage used.

Why Trade Stocks at 10CFDs?

10CFDs places a strong emphasis on providing in depth financial news and analysis, including a daily report. We will keep you connected with the latest financial events, focusing on monthly and quarterly reports, new product launches, EPS’s and earnings calls, as well as other global news that affects share prices.

Can I Trade Stocks?

Millions of private investors around the world are already trading stocks. 10CFDs has transformed the actual process of stock trading and opened the markets to anybody who is willing to learn the basics of risk management and fundamental analysis. The 10CFDs Education Center is geared towards helping novice traders understand the basics of leveraged CFD stock trading.

Many of 10CFDs veteran investors began their careers as novice stocks traders with no previous experience of the stock markets. The 10CFDs platform gives you the freedom to invest on your own terms, with a level of commitment that suits your budget and personal goals.

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