Trading Tools

Get all the news and analysis tools you need to trade
successfully on the world’s major markets

Daily Analysis Video

Our financial market experts will analyze today’s most popular asset from the Forex and Cryptocurrency
markets and teach you how to take advantageof their price fluctuations on a daily basis.

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Specialist Financial Calculators

Precision is vital when you trade forex.
Our range of financial calculators will simplfy your decision making process.

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Want to trade like the pros?

Simply combine these 2 analysis tools and upgrade your trading strategy immediately.

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Fundamental Analysis

Get in-depth reports and updates on all our financial assets to help you better determine the market price direction.

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Technical Analysis

Fine tune your predictions with easy to read charts, covering all our financial assets’ past performance.

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Economic Calendar

Stay updated with all the latest key financial market events and fine-tune your trading decisions.

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Financial News

Stay informed with everything that’s happening in the financial markets around the globe.

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